Daniel Silver

Senior Software Engineer



Quick Facts

  • Senior Software Engineer, mid- and low-level systems, game engines.

  • 15 years experience.  12 shipped titles.  Consoles, PC.

  • C++, x86 assembly/SSE, DirectX, Win32, MFC, profiling, optimization, graphics, rendering, multithreading, streaming, audio, file systems, UI, tools, debugging, Visual Studio, Perforce.


Edge of Reality
Sr. Software Engineer
Austin, TX 3 Years
Responsibilities include: porting multimillion selling AAA PC titles to game consoles, performance profiling, optimization, memory defragmentation, load-time optimization, code-refactoring, multithreading upgrades, misc. tools/applications to assist production.    Report directly to lead programmer and technical director.  Game titles shipped: Dragon Age: Origins, The Sims 3, The Sims 3: Pets (Xbox 360, PS3)
Sensory Sweep Studios
Sr. Software Engineer
Salt Lake City, UT 1 Year
Responsible for implementing asynchronous level loading, optimizations for performance and memory, all platforms.  Reported to technical director.  Game title shipped: Tale of Despereaux (Xbox 360, Wii, PC, PS2).
Disney Interactive Studios
Engine Programmer
Salt Lake City, UT 5 Years
Microsoft Game Studios
Contract Programmer
Salt Lake City, UT 6 months
Avalanche Software
Salt Lake City, UT 2 Years
GT Interactive/SingleTrac
Game Tester, Jr. Programmer
Salt Lake City, UT 3 Years


  • 12 shipped titles, including: Dragon Age: Origins, The Sims 3, Sims 3: Pets, Tale of Despereaux, Meet the Robinsons, 25 to Life, Microsoft Inside Pitch 2003.

  • Visual Studio 6 thru VS2010. Perforce. Subversion.

  • Console porting, refactoring.  Multiple platforms.

  • System analysis and optimization covering CPU, memory, disk IO and streaming.

  • Memory analysis and optimization for fragmentation, leaks, performance.

  • Middleware integration and maintenance, including Scaleform, FMOD.

  • Mono [C# interpreter for embedded platforms] maintenance, optimization, refactoring.

  • Data resource file packaging, compression, streaming.

  • Complete game-UI development toolset, editor, widgets, libraries art and production.

  • Fast, fully-featured, production-quality 3D software renderer made using C++ and hand-coded x86 assembly.  http://www.softwarerenderer.com

  • OpenGL/Direct3D driver emulation in software.

  • Dynamic LOD height-map terrain generation.

  • Building windows applications using Win32/MFC.


PC • PlayStation • Xbox • Win32 • DirectX • OpenGL • MFC