Vigilante 3d Graphics
SGL - The OpenGL driver for VSG

Download SGL here.

Latest Binary: 11-30-06

This OpenGL mini-API is wrapped around the VSG API, so there is a bit more overhead translating OpenGL calls into VSG calls and maintaining state than there would be otherwise, but overall performance is still very impressive.

Please note that since this is an early development version, it is only designed for and tested to work with Quake2 and isn't intended to support anything else.  There are several known issues, OpenGL functions that aren't implemented yet, and none of GL extensions except for the necessary ARB and SGIS multi-texture support that Quake2 uses.

  • The latest update now works with the latest Quake2 retail patch (version 3.20) and fixes the corrupt multi-texturing issues.
  • Pixel centers rasterized correctly; no more weird alignment issues with text!
  • New optimizations, about 7% faster overall.

How to view the SGL demo:

1. Download and install Quake2

2. Download and copy SGL.DLL to the Quake2 root folder (e.g. C:\Quake2\)
Click here to download SGL

3. Start Quake2.  Press the tilda (~) key to bring up the console.

4. Now type these commands into the console.

vid_ref gl
gl_driver sgl

5. Now press tilda (~) key again to dismiss the console.

Please tell me what you think!


Quake 2 "timedemo" frames per second
(Full 4-tap bilinear filtering enabled)

Screen Mode Athlon64 2ghz Core 2 Duo 3.2ghz
320x240 68.6 125.3
640x480 27.7 57.1
1024x768 13.0 24.1
2048x1536 3.6 ---