Vigilante 3d Graphics
Software Technology Overview

There are two basic philosophies driving the design of the software renderer: its got to be fast and easy to use.

To this end, Vigilante 3d Graphics implements an API similar to the DirectX 8 API and uses SSE instructions heavily to achieve its impressive performace.

Many of the function calls are identical to their DirectX counterparts (such as DrawPrimitive, SetSteamSource, etc...) as are the enumerations making it very easy to learn.  A complete Direct3D clone is the end-goal of this project.

To accelerate performance, inline assembly and SSE are used quite heavily; even the architecture of the pipeline is designed around SSE data requirements and optimization techniques for AMD Athlon 64 processors.

Vigilante 3d is a project started years ago to explore the depths of 3d rendering and to learn and understand SSE programming and optimization.

You may visit the downloads section to preview some demos.  There you will find SGL; the OpenGL mini driver that you can use to run Quake2, and some stand alone applications that are used to test and debug the VSG library.

If you'd like to learn more about the specific techniques used in Vigilante, click the following link:

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