Vigilante 3d Graphics

The Vigilante 3d Graphics library is lightning fast and feature packed.  It can render as many as 4 million triangles or more than 80 million pixels per second.  A typical multi-textured bilinear pixel is rendered in about 86 clock cycles and the quickest time for the first pixel out is around 455 clock cycles.  When bilinear filter and multi-texture are disabled, the average pixel is around 27 clock cycles.

2,000mhz / 27 clock cycles = 74.7 million pixels per second.  Multiply that by

4 bytes per source pixel
4 bytes per destination pixel
4 bytes for z-buffer read
4 bytes for z-buffer write

That's 1185 megabytes per second!!  That's faster than memcpy()!

OKAY, so its obviously not as fast as hardware accelerated texture mapping but it will run Quake 2 at just around 25 frames per second (640x480) with bilinear filtering enabled on both texture units.

Vigilante 3d Graphics is optimized for SSE processors and uses it heavily in the triangle processing stages.  Although it can run in straight X86 mode, there is a significant advantage to running in SSE mode.

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