Vigilante Core Graphics

The Core Graphics library provides fast low-level functions that can be used to build high-performance high-level graphics features, such as saving and loading images or custom high-performance pixel shaders.  It also handles many different pixel formats and can transfer hundreds of millions of pixels per second from one pixel format to any other using highly optimized code.

The fundamental principle behind Vigilante Core Graphics (VCG) is to speed the conversion from one pixel format to another, using plugable virtual functions to convert pixels to a well known common format using an intermediate buffer, and to give the user quick, easy access to the bitmap bits using optimized GetPixel and SetPixel functions, specific to each format.

VCG will soon have many types of drawing functions, such as lines, circles and boxes, but beyond that, it is not meant to be a high-level graphics interface and probably won't include things like anti-aliased vector graphics or True-Type font support.